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  • Why do I love working at Word Monster? In a word (heh – see what I did there?): freedom. And not just the type of freedom that you’d expect to find at a remote-working, flexible-hours company; I’m talking about the freedom to contribute to our brand in a myriad of ways, from reaping the sweet Med Comms corn* to writing blog posts and producing podcasts. On that note, have you listened to MONSTER FREQUENCY yet? No? Tut-tut. *Sorry, that was a bit of a weird metaphor – but it felt right in the moment!


    Senior Medical Writer

  • Joining Word Monster was hands down the best career decision I’ve ever made. The variety of clients and projects has supercharged my medical writing skills and done wonders for my confidence. Though the role has pushed me out of my comfort zone, I’ve never felt anything but completely supported by my fellow monsters. Everyone looks out for each other and the banter in the team Skype chat is by far my favourite part of the role. If you’re on the fence about whether to apply, just do it! I promise we won’t bite.


    Principal Medical Writer

  • Word Monster stands by what they say – life first. It is a nurturing and supportive environment filled with a family of experience medical writers who kick a$% at writing with bite. It truly is the best place to work.


    Medical Writer

  • Working for Word Monster has been a fantastic experience right from the start. Not only is the team amazing, but there's so much room for growth and education here. Every day is something different and having the flexibility to work remotely has been an absolute blessing!


    Marketing Manager

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